„E T H E R: Ukrainian Diaspora Soul“ out now!

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Between gloomy noises and delicate, tender feelings, in the middle of experimental sounds, traditional Ukrainian folklore and jazz harmonies – this is where one can find Moloch & Nadiya. The themes of the German-Ukrainian duo cover the spectrum of primeval human themes such as love and pain, the mysticism and rituals of Ukraine – but also the russian war in Ukraine, since Moloch & Nadiya see themselves as politically active artists. Not only do some tracks deal with the human tragedy that is taking place in Ukraine, but the fact that Ukrainian music is kept alive and developed abroad, in the diaspora, is a declared goal of the duo and led to the understanding of their Music as “Ukrainian Diaspora Soul”

Copyright: Anna Perepechai

“The guitar lines vibrating between blues and ambient, the tender but firm voice of this young singer sits on the melodic meshes, telling of war and destruction, but also of intimacy and beauty. […] How deeply emotional she performs her mother’s children’s songs but also the brutalism of a murdering husband, is often tearfully poignant […] That’s how far culture can go. No cheering can be as heartfelt as these sounds.“

– Markus Mertens for Mannheimer Morgen