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Moloch & Nadiya aka Melanka Piroschik & Alex Korus have met in the young vibrating music scene of Leipzig. 

Melanka Piroschik was born in 1993 in Germany. Growing up, her first language was Ukrainian as her parents immigrated only a year prior.  She was raised on Ukrainian Folklore from a very young age and started playing violin at six years old. Melankas style of playing is rooted in Klezmer, her singing is mostly formed by Eastern European culture of polyphonic singing and her studies in East Europe with various teachers of Folklore music. She is working as a musician, composer and arranger in Moloch & Nadiya, solo and in various other muscial and theatrical projects. She is an advocate for Ukrainian fight for freedom.

Alex Korus, born in Erfurt, Germany, is multiinstrumentalist, composer and music educator. Alex’ musical story is one of versatility and knowledge in the fields of Soul, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Pop and Balkanmusic. He plays guitar, bass-guitar, piano, saxophone and drums. His teachers were i.a. Christian Röver (Berklee College of Music), Lars Kutschke (Sharrie Williams, Keimzeit), Philipp Scholz (Brigade Futur 3) and João de Macedo Mello (David Gilmour, Tankus the Henge). After 10 years being part of the Leipzig music scene and completing his studies at the music conservatory Leipzig he moved to Vienna in 2024. His biggest interests in music are creating new variations of music and working out the core of a musical piece.

Both are trained musicians in their fields and have great experience in performing live on stage and as studio musicians in various projects since several years.