E T H E R: Ukrainian Diaspora Soul


E T H E R: Between soul harmonies and vibrating drones, blues and jazz, interpretations of Ukrainian folklore and original compositions Moloch & Nadiya deliberately crosses genre boundaries. For their debut album there was extensive collaboration with musicians who had fled from Ukraine and the Leipzig music scene.

In addition to the core duo, a total of eight guest musicians brought their musical colors to the recordings, including established musicians such as the Ukrainian singer and producer Mavka (Berlin), the jazz drummer Philipp Scholz (Dresden/Leipzig) or the pianist and accordionist Kaboros (Leipzig). The goal: Every nuance of sound and arrangement should be elicited from the songs. They also worked together with the producer and sound engineer Philipp Ruoff (including Jazzclub Leipzig) and the artist Anna Perepechai (including Óstov Collective), who provided the framing, intensive sound and visual language.

Special thanks go out to: Leila, Resi, Ulli, Gudrun, Ferda, Tobi, Kateryna, Tatjana, Khrystyna, Konny, Natalia & Igor Piroschik, Gabriele & Ralf Korus, Marc, Sebbl, Tien, Herr Lübke, Richard, Josie, Dennis, all Proberaum-members.

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.