Moloch & Nadiyas debut album „E T H E R: Ukrainian Diaspora Soul“ was featured in various newspapers, online articles and on national radio. Here is a short selection.

taz 13.09.2023
Release Debut Album E T H E R

LIZ Leipziger Internet Zeitung 30.10.2023
Release Debut Album E T H E R

MDR KULTUR Online 11.05.2023
Release Debut Album E T H E R

Mannheimer Morgen 08.05.2022
Moloch & Nadiya at EnjoyJazz Festival 

With a terrific Alexander Korus on the guitar, it is this duo that singer Melanka Piroschik has dedicated entirely to Ukrainian folklore. The guitar lines vibrating between blues and ambient, the tender but firm voice of this young singer sits on the melodic meshes, tells of war and destruction, but also of intimacy and beauty. „There will be no performance in which I won’t follow my calling“, Piroschik will announce in an announcement and mean: To express and show the world the beauty of Ukraine. How deeply emotional she performs her mother’s children’s songs but also the brutalism of a murdering husband, is often tearfully poignant – and even the artist sometimes embraces her violin like a haven of comfort. That’s how far culture can go. No cheering can be as heartfelt as these sounds.“

– Markus Mertens for Mannheimer Morgen

LVZ 29.03.2022
Article about the benefit concert “Leipzig helps Ukraine”

Artikel gelblau Magazin 19.04.2020