„Opium“ Live-Video von Anna Perepechai

„E T H E R: Ukrainian Diaspora Soul“ Debut Album: For more information, click here!

Copyright: Anna Perepechai

When Melanka Piroschik and Alexander Korus were asked to play at a fashion show at short notice in 2018, the singer and violinist and the guitarist suddenly found themselves faced with the thrilling idea of combining their styles and creating something new together. It was to be obscure, archaic, experimental, luminous. They combined Ukrainian folklore, a genre in which Melanka feels her homeland, and Alex’s experimental and gritty guitar sounds that oscillate somewhere between soul, jazz and swamp blues. After the performance, they decided to further challenge the status quo of their musical understanding and create their own sound from it.

„Moloch who entered my soul early. Moloch whom I abandon. Wake up in Moloch. Light streaming out of the sky.“ 

Howl by Alan Ginsberg

Ukrainian traditional music carries in its essence something raw, deep and primal and something unadornedly real. Coming from the mountains, the fertile land and the fields, the centuries-old songs still carry their messages. The traditional songs, which Moloch & Nadiya find in archives or are passed down orally, meet distorted and multi-layered sounds of the electric guitar as well as electronic sounds. The original compositions in Ukrainian use universal themes and motifs. They are songs about mourning and celebration, about rituals and myths and everyday struggles between harmony and dissonance, between human abysses and hope.

Moloch & Nadiya live at Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg 06.05.2022

Moloch & Nadiya live at Werk2, Leipzig 28.06.2019

Moloch & Nadiya live at Werk2 (Leipziger Liedernächte), 01.02.2020

Moloch & Nadiya live at „Leipzig stands with Ukraine“, Leipzig 28.03.2022

Ой сиділа дівчина (Oy sydila divchyna) reinterpretation of Ukrainian traditional, 2020

Mud & Sun, composition by Alexander Korus for Moloch & Nadiya

Plagwitz Live Session by Moloch & Nadiya, 2019